The Jewelry Lady llc​

Jewelry is always $12 and under

Contactless Shows

The Jewelry Lady appreciates the need to get creative when it comes to entertaining Seniors in community living during the COVID pandemic. Holiday Shopping doesn't have to be sacrificed! The Jewelry lady is offering 2 options to keep your Residents safe and allow them the fun of Holiday Shopping.

Retail Therapy On The Go

also known as the Holiday Shopping Box is a simple solution which offers a portable shopping experience. The Jewelry Lady provides all the supplies, including the publicity material, items for sale, decorations, jewelry boxes, shopping bags and receipts. All the items for sale are priced at $5. Shopping boxes start at 40 pieces. (for every 10 pieces purchased, 2 are Free of the same quality

Virtual Holiday Shopping 

 is another event to keep your Residents safe while enjoying the fun of Christmas Shopping. A date and time is established and The Jewelry Lady presents a festive video shopping venue for your Residents. Brochures/registration forms are sent out in advance with pictures of the items for sale. This 2 hour event is fun for Residents and Staff alike. 

The Jewelry Lady would like to create a venue that will meet your needs. If you have any questions or suggestions,

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If you would be interested in having The Jewelry Lady host a show at your facility please,

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