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Contactless Shows

The Jewelry Lady appreciates the need to get creative when it comes to entertaining Seniors in community living during the COVID pandemic. Out of this need she has created Contactless or Virtual Shopping Events.

What is a Contactless Shopping Event?

*A Contactless Shopping Event is a sale set up in The Jewelry Lady's showroom (prior to the day of the scheduled event). 

*Pictures of each sale item are taken and a brochure (and if interested, a video) unique to your community is created.  Residents can shop without ever even having to leave their rooms.

*Publicity material and brochures are then distributed to the residents prior to the event for ample shopping time, and when the event time comes Customer Service Representatives from the Jewelry Lady will be available to take orders (and obtain authorization if requested) by phone. 

*Orders placed by the residents can then be mailed or personally delivered.

How It Works - The Specifics

  • A Contactless (or Virtual) Shopping Event is scheduled for a set date and time.

  • The event is set up in The Jewelry Lady's showroom rather than your community and pictures are taken of merchandise unique to that show. A brochure (and if requested a video) will be created for your Residents. Product numbers will be clearly stated to make it easy for residents to select what they would like to purchase.

  • Prior the event, brochures, publicity materials and an authorization form (for interest and availability of funds) are sent to the community.

  • We ask that publicity materials are posted and brochures be available to all Residents and Staff.

  • The Jewelry Lady Staff will be available on several phone lines during the show time to take orders and receive approvals (in conjunction with a Staff Member from the community if needed). 

  • All types of payment will be accepted and items will either be shipped or delivered in person based on the volume of orders

Please Contact Us With Any Questions

If you would be interested in having The Jewelry Lady host a show at your facility please,

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